• Lszabados


  • Eugene Eric Kim

    Eugene Eric Kim

    Collaboration Coach, Trainer, and Designer. @fasterthan20

  • Victorial Craig

    Victorial Craig

  • Jim Ritchie-Dunham

    Jim Ritchie-Dunham

  • Len Bartel

    Len Bartel

  • Scott Hinkle

    Scott Hinkle

  • Andy Stoll

    Andy Stoll

    Social entrepreneur, producer & program officer at the Kauffman Foundation, riffing on entrepreneurial ecosystems, media, creativity, cities, food and travel.

  • Randy Newcomb

    Randy Newcomb

    Randy Newcomb is a Senior Advisor at The Omidyar Group. Previously, Randy was the founding President and CEO of Humanity United for fifteen years.

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