By the Garfield Team – Motaz, Mollie, Jessica, Jennie, Ruth, Eleni & Jen

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

This New Year, we are feeling, at once,
the many dimensions
of the moment

We are frazzled, unsettled, turbulent, stressed

We saw the abuse of power,
over and over, Me before We

We are tired
of too little done, too often too late

We are present
to the enormous loss —
of loved ones to COVID,
of jobs,
of values shared,
of senses of self,
of the warmth of in-person times

We are raw — yet
we remain open-hearted,

We are grateful
for the love that soothes and eases us,
that sustains our families
and makes moments tender,
despite the pain of, say,
parenting in quarantine

We are grateful
for the love that lets healing happen

We are inspired
by the brilliance and commitment,
the vision, heart and soul
of our colleagues
and of people we may not yet know —
but whose speaking truth to power we hear

We are inspired
by the quiet joy of watching songbirds flit about,
by the rush of cold clean air into our lungs,
and the miracle of yet more breaths,
by our children, so full of silliness and curiosity,
by perfect fruits enjoyed alone in the evening,
and by stories of better times and stories of worse

Dare we say

We are hopeful
that the visionary, kind, fair-minded “we” can
navigate the hard times ahead,
and break from the harm of years past

We are embodying
the moment,
hopeful for a more fair country and world

We know
that the change we seek
won’t happen without moments of instability,
and we know what work we must do
from this place of relative power and security

We will get real
— and honest —
about our contribution,
despite ourselves,
to the problems we’re trying to fix

We will listen
for what is right,
watching for our blind spots,
and we will learn
what it means
to relinquish control

We will be rigorous in our work,
for our integrity and our liberation,
and we will look
for what is possible
beyond the frames
of what we know

We will bust out of our boxes,
be bold in ways we’ve yet to see

We are still processing

We are pressing on,
with care first
(welcoming joy and rest)
and courage second
(even when it sounds better),
invoking abundance
with beginner’s minds
and dog-eared tools for questioning, dismantling, rebuilding

Here, now,
we are resolved to right action